Fill in the Blanks-1 for SSC CGL Tier-2

It is important to work with as many mock tests as possible. Even if you go wrong on any question, never get disheartened. Go back, check and see where you went right and where you went wrong.. Working with mock tests and understanding them is the secret of success. You must know grammar basics well.

Correction of Sentences Part-1 for SSC CGL Tier-2

It is essential to work with ‘Correction of Sentences’ as many as you can.’ Sorry for our long gap in keeping in touch with you but from now on you will see more ‘Correction of Sentences’ tests to make you perfect in your grammar.  This section gives you proper control over your ability of understanding

Essay-25 : Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Today’s Question is: Why the Indian Government is so negligent in providing justice to the poor. With the statistics available in the legal gazette – we have grave facts unearthed. Express your own opinions what else would you suggest to contain the ever persistent problem.   India should have 50 judges per one million but

Essay-23 : Jallikattu – No solution

Jallikattu is a bullfighting game involving humans and bulls. In which, humans attempt to tame, immobilize or kill a bull. As this game is part of a festival in the southern region of India, this topic may have much scope in Essay Writing. So, read on… Jallikattu – No solution Jallikattu in Tamilnadu is also known

Essay-20 : Difference between FDI and FII

There has been a unending debate on FDI and FII. The Prime Minister Modi and Chief Ministers of states are going behind FDIs and FIIs. Why India needs FDIs and FIIs. Why can’t we print our own money and start developing our own infrastructure? Why are we behind developed countries to come and invest here?