Month: November 2017

Grammar updates-Degrees of Comparison

You hardly find any English test without the concept of ‘Degrees of Comparison.’ Some tests ask you to transform sentences from certain degree of comparison to other and in some exams give a sentence pertaining to a particular sentence – adding or removing a word. So, understanding the structure is very important. Here we have

Verbs With and Without Prepositions Test for Tier-1

Hi candidates, You must understand the importance of Verbs With Prepositions and Without Prepositions from the Parts of Speech while answering your test. Unfortunately, there is no rule to identify if you require a preposition or not. The only way to answer these questions is how you practise. Verbs With and Without Prepositions Fill in the

Tongue Twisters to help improve pronunciation

Please do practice the following tongue twisters. Tongue twisters help you speak fluently. Though these are not part of your competitive exam questions, tongue twisters are known to help you a lot during your interviews. It gives your voice a good clarity. Mostly in English speaking countries work hard to make pronunciation perfect. It helps

Essay-14 : 100 Years of Indian Movie Industry

It is amazing to find that we have completed 100 years in movie industry. It is a glorious history in Indian saga. Movie was considered as an entertainment or stress buster before. During yesteryears there had been varied movies. Those movies inculcated family values, ethical values and no wonder to know many patriotic values embedded

Essay-13 : FDI – A boon or a bane for Indian Economy?

Retailing is one of the world’s largest private industries. Liberalizations in FDI have caused a massive restructuring in retail industry. The benefit of FDI in retail industry superimposes its cost factors. Opening the retail industry to FDI will bring forth benefits in terms of advance employment, organized retail stores, availability of quality products at a

Phrasal Verbs Test-1 for Tier-1

Most of you probably find phrasal verbs one of the most frustrating things about the English language. The most effective strategy to use when learning phrasal verbs is to learn them one at a time. When you read or hear a phrasal verb, note it down and check its meaning in a good dictionary. Think

Vocabulary part-4 for competitive exams

Some of the following words are important for you. Try mastering them immediately for your imminent exams. You come across these words in innumerable exams.The following list of Vocabulary part-4 is particularly seen in many competitive exams of 2015,2016,2017.  Vocabulary part-4 Shibboleth  Principle or belief Sedentary inactive, sitting, deskbound (Antonym- active) Susceptible vulnerable, at risk, liable,