Month: December 2017

One Word Substitutions Part-2 for Tier-2

There is a great amount of complexity in English Vocabulary. One word substitutions, we have learned some in part – 1 already. Now let us learn one word substitutions part-2. Your knowledge in Vocabulary makes a big difference. But once when you learn vocabulary with immense interest it will be like a life time learning

English Mock Test – 2 for SSC CGL Tier-II

Try working with as many simple mock tests as possible. Even if you go wrong on any question, never get disheartened.  Go back, check and see where you went right and where you went wrong. Make sure to practise well and don’t commit those mistakes again. Working with mock tests and understanding them is the

Grammar Updates – Articles

Articles are very common questions given in many competitive exams. There are two kinds of ‘Articles.’ (Don’t say three) Definite article (the) Indefinite article (a /an) Definite articles can be used before singular nouns or plural nouns. (E.g. The boy / The boys) Indefinite articles can be used (a / an) before singular nouns only.

Homophones part-1

Unlike Indian languages those that have more than 50 letters in each language, unfortunately, English alphabet has only 26 letters. (Please remember – don’t use English alphabets. Alphabet is only one unit. When you are talking about many languages then you can use alphabets of Japan, China, and Russia etc., So to say – just