Month: February 2018

Essay-20 : Difference between FDI and FII

There has been a unending debate on FDI and FII. The Prime Minister Modi and Chief Ministers of states are going behind FDIs and FIIs. Why India needs FDIs and FIIs. Why can’t we print our own money and start developing our own infrastructure? Why are we behind developed countries to come and invest here?

The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

Sri.T.N.Seshan and his wife Mrs. Jayalakshmi are living in an old-age home in Chennai for they don’t have any children. We get goose-bumps to see him – how he is still helping the people around him. The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan Who is T.N.Seshan…? People with enough receptivity, who lived during 1990s never, would