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The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

Sri.T.N.Seshan and his wife Mrs. Jayalakshmi are living in an old-age home in Chennai for they don’t have any children. We get goose-bumps to see him – how he is still helping the people around him. The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan Who is T.N.Seshan…? People with enough receptivity, who lived during 1990s never, would

Essay-18 : Right to Education (RTE)

What is RTE? Candidates must know the facts and fictions of RTE (Right to Education). The well –renowned economist and Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen rightly mentioned, “Education is the backbone of India”. Education is the most powerful tool which can mould the fate of an individual as well as the whole nation. The scale of

Essay Writing – Roles and Functions of NITI Aayog

Career aspirants must understand as to why a 64-year old “Planning Commission” went down the drain replacing it by “NITI Aayog”. It, indeed, is a historical move by the new government in Indian history that took place thrashing the age old Planning Commission. LPG (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation) in 1991 was a foot-print in the

Understand This Important Concept Conjunctions – FANBOYS

Career aspirants, writing competitive examinations must harness their skills in understanding subtle differences among coordinating conjunctions. Many teachers, at the global level, teach the meanings of these coordinating conjunctions in their mother tongue to their students. Thus the confusion stays in the minds of many. Now, time for you to understand this important concept with

English Mock Test 3 SSC CGL Tier- II

It is important work with as many mock tests as possible. Even if you go wrong on any question, never get disheartened.  Go back, check and see where you went right and where you went wrong.. Working with mock tests and understanding them is the secret of success. You must know grammar basics well. Don’t

One Word Substitutions Part-2 for Tier-2

There is a great amount of complexity in English Vocabulary. One word substitutions, we have learned some in part – 1 already. Now let us learn one word substitutions part-2. Your knowledge in Vocabulary makes a big difference. But once when you learn vocabulary with immense interest it will be like a life time learning

Grammar updates-Degrees of Comparison

You hardly find any English test without the concept of ‘Degrees of Comparison.’ Some tests ask you to transform sentences from certain degree of comparison to other and in some exams give a sentence pertaining to a particular sentence – adding or removing a word. So, understanding the structure is very important. Here we have

Redundant expressions given in competitive exams

Redundant expressions are very common questions being asked in competitive exams. E.g. Words like ‘Reason- because/due to’ other redundancies are ‘reply – back’, ‘respond – back’, ‘return – back’, ‘more – better’, ‘most – happiest’ – don’t use these words together. We will discuss more redundant expressions in another chapter. So, now don’t use ‘can – able to’