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Idioms & Phrases Part-3 for Competitive Exams

These are oft-given Idioms & Phrases in recent exams. Here are some more Idioms & Phrases Part-3. Idioms & Phrases Part-3 “A bad break” Meaning: A misfortune. A serious bone fracture. Example: Tony has lost his job, just when he needed the cash to move house. That’s a bad break. Tanya’s leg was crushed when the

Idioms & Phrases Part-I for Competitive Exams

An idiom (complete expression – Idiomatic expression) is not a complete sentence like a proverb. An idiom doesn’t convey its own meaning. It’s a group of words. A popular example to understand is – Kick the bucket which means ‘to die’. So, an idiom is an expression that takes on a figurative meaning when certain