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The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

Sri.T.N.Seshan and his wife Mrs. Jayalakshmi are living in an old-age home in Chennai for they don’t have any children. We get goose-bumps to see him – how he is still helping the people around him. The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan Who is T.N.Seshan…? People with enough receptivity, who lived during 1990s never, would

Understand This Important Concept Conjunctions – FANBOYS

Career aspirants, writing competitive examinations must harness their skills in understanding subtle differences among coordinating conjunctions. Many teachers, at the global level, teach the meanings of these coordinating conjunctions in their mother tongue to their students. Thus the confusion stays in the minds of many. Now, time for you to understand this important concept with

Grammar Updates – Articles

Articles are very common questions given in many competitive exams. There are two kinds of ‘Articles.’ (Don’t say three) Definite article (the) Indefinite article (a /an) Definite articles can be used before singular nouns or plural nouns. (E.g. The boy / The boys) Indefinite articles can be used (a / an) before singular nouns only.

Grammar updates-Degrees of Comparison

You hardly find any English test without the concept of ‘Degrees of Comparison.’ Some tests ask you to transform sentences from certain degree of comparison to other and in some exams give a sentence pertaining to a particular sentence – adding or removing a word. So, understanding the structure is very important. Here we have

Tongue Twisters to help improve pronunciation

Please do practice the following tongue twisters. Tongue twisters help you speak fluently. Though these are not part of your competitive exam questions, tongue twisters are known to help you a lot during your interviews. It gives your voice a good clarity. Mostly in English speaking countries work hard to make pronunciation perfect. It helps

Rudiments of English Grammar

Candidates attending competitive exams must know the basic rudiments of Grammar. Please keep observing some important rules from this site. A lot of care has been taken while including these rules. Today we are starting our lesson on Parts of speech. Just imagine Parts of Speech as a huge tree. Some topics you have already

IB ACIO Prelims Exam Review & Analysis for 15th Oct – Intelligence Bureau ACIO Cutoff Marks & Answer Key

Intelligence Bureau (IB) has completed the ACIO Tier 1 examination today, 15th October across various locations in India such as Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. The Examination was sorted out in 33 regions across India. Millions of competitors have taken the test with a strong determination to grab a good position in Intelligence Bureau.