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Verbs With and Without Prepositions Test for Tier-1

Hi candidates, You must understand the importance of Verbs With Prepositions and Without Prepositions from the Parts of Speech while answering your test. Unfortunately, there is no rule to identify if you require a preposition or not. The only way to answer these questions is how you practise. Verbs With and Without Prepositions Fill in the

Phrasal Verbs Test-1 for Tier-1

Most of you probably find phrasal verbs one of the most frustrating things about the English language. The most effective strategy to use when learning phrasal verbs is to learn them one at a time. When you read or hear a phrasal verb, note it down and check its meaning in a good dictionary. Think

Redundant expressions given in competitive exams

Redundant expressions are very common questions being asked in competitive exams. E.g. Words like ‘Reason- because/due to’ other redundancies are ‘reply – back’, ‘respond – back’, ‘return – back’, ‘more – better’, ‘most – happiest’ – don’t use these words together. We will discuss more redundant expressions in another chapter. So, now don’t use ‘can – able to’

Test on Prepositions for Tier-1

‘Prepositions’ in parts of Speech is a devil for there is no rationale to identify it. To make things complicated in English Grammar, we have Phrasal verbs. A verbal verb can be simply taken as – Verb + Preposition. When you look at verb ’Go’ in any lexicon you can get exhausted to see 5

Correction of Sentences for Tier-1

Candidates must work with as many corrections of sentences as possible. This can give a good niche` to the test taker to understand the grammar rules that are essential to identify in every segment of English section. Correction of Sentences Direction: (Q. 1 to 10) Read the sentence to find out whether there is any

Relative Pronouns Test-1 for Tier-1

Understanding Relative pronouns and what word to use at what place is very important. Very repeatedly, in many exams, we come across these words. Work with this exercise and you will get some control over these words. Please send your valuable opinions and keep advising us how you have been improving your score and where

Sentence completion test-1 for Tier-I

Sentence Completion questions are, as has been said before, from Parts of Speech. Please try this Sentence completion test-1 other than tenses. Sentence completion test-1 Rahul is the ……………. boy on the team.   a) oldest b) eldest c) Either could be used here d) elder   This fabric is superior …………. that fabric.  

Tenses test-1 for Tier-I

Sentence completion is a common pattern of questions you can find in English Test. This particular type may be based on any part of speech area. A candidate is supposed to understand basic rudiments of parts of speech. Your observation matters here. After reaching to this level, we don’t suggest you read grammar books. Work