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Homophones part-1

Unlike Indian languages those that have more than 50 letters in each language, unfortunately, English alphabet has only 26 letters. (Please remember – don’t use English alphabets. Alphabet is only one unit. When you are talking about many languages then you can use alphabets of Japan, China, and Russia etc., So to say – just

Vocabulary part-4 for competitive exams

Some of the following words are important for you. Try mastering them immediately for your imminent exams. You come across these words in innumerable exams.The following list of Vocabulary part-4 is particularly seen in many competitive exams of 2015,2016,2017.  Vocabulary part-4 Shibboleth  Principle or belief Sedentary inactive, sitting, deskbound (Antonym- active) Susceptible vulnerable, at risk, liable,

Confusing Words Part-2 in English Competitive Exams

Confusing Words in English – Candidates must know. Now, let’s go to Confusing Words Part-2. Confusing Words Part-2 You have observed some confusing words in part -1. Here is Confusing Words Part-2. Career aspirants should not mix up the formal words with informal words. They must know the subtle difference between formal English and informal

Confusing Words in English Part -1

The English language has an enormous vocabulary, and this results in many words that are very similar. Some of them are different by just one letter, like moral and morale. Others differ in their spelling and pronunciation, like incite and insight. Also, candidates must understand how to use advice (Noun) and advise (Verb). We place

Vocabulary Part – 2 for Competitive Exams

For Competitive Exams, English is unavoidable. In which Vocabulary plays a key role to understand the question and answer it. As it is predominant one, we provide you few, hope it helps you in your career. Vocabulary Part – 2 for Competitive Exams Here is Vocabulary part -2 for all competitive exams. Have a glance. Vocabulary

Vocabulary part-3 for competitive exams

The following list of Vocabulary part-3 is particularly seen in many competitive exams of 2015,2016,2017. Vocabulary Part- 3 Possessed: Be blessed with, Be born with, Be endowed with, Blissful, Contented, Favored, Fortunate, Granted, Joyful, Joyous, Lucky. (Opp. Cursed, Ill-fated, Damned, Unblessed, Unhappy, Unlucky) Confer: Giving honor, Award, Accede, Acquiesce, Admit, Allow, Concede, Render, Vouchsafe (Opp. Retrieve,

Vocabulary for all national level competitive exams

While you are preparing for national level competitive exams, you are expected to know more than 5000 most-oft seen words in any exam. Vocabulary has its own importance in these competitive exams. In every segment of English test – vocabulary is the blood source, may it be Reading comprehension, word substitutions, Cloze test etc., So