Correction of Sentences Part-1 for SSC CGL Tier-2

It is essential to work with ‘Correction of Sentences’ as many as you can.’ Sorry for our long gap in keeping in touch with you but from now on you will see more ‘Correction of Sentences’ tests to make you perfect in your grammar.  This section gives you proper control over your ability of understanding rudiments of grammar. Once you understand the grammar rules right with confidence you can accelerate your speed in answering your ‘English Section.’

We will make your time more valuable. Unlike other sites, we will give you answers immediately with an explanation. Understand it right and don’t make repeated mistakes. Best wishes.

Correction of Sentences Part-1 for SSC CGL Tier-2


                                           Correction of Sentences


  1. The Commonwealth Games 1/ are a international 2/   multi-sport event involving athletes 3/  from the Commonwealth of Nations 4/ No error (5)

Ans: (2)         an (is right)       a – is wrong (observer the word international) – E.g., An international organization                  (Correct)


In many competitive exams if you see any problem on article (Vowel – starting words – a, e, i, o, u) – do we use a /an – we know them well. But expect the examiner to give you problems on articles based on exceptions. Some examples:

  • Good List of Example of ‘Exceptions of what article you must use. Also, understand where to omit articles:


Correction of Sentences Part-1 for SSC CGL Tier-2

A useful book

A unique decision A young man
An hour A uniform
An heir A humble person
An honorarium An  honest man
A unity A University
A one eyed man A Useful Book
A one rupee note A  European
An honest man A Universal Language
A union A unique decision
A eulogy An hour
A heinous crime An honor / honour
A young man A union
A USA ally
A uniform


  1. Distance learning, sometimes called e-learning Distance learning 1/ sometimes called e-learning, is a formalization teaching 2/ and learning system specifically designed to be carried out 3/ remotely by using electronic communication 4/ No error (5)


               Ans:  (2) formalized (Right)        formalization (Wrong)


              Formalize (V1) – Formalized (V2) – Formalized (V3)

              Note: Use Present Passiver Voice – Is/ am/are + Verb (3)


  1. Narendra Modi born in 1/ a Gujarati family in Vadnagar 2/ Modi helped his father sell tea as a child 3/ and later ran his own stall 4/  No error (5)

Ans: (1) – (to) correct                           (in) – wrong  

  • Narendra Modi was born in Gujarat.
  • Narendra Modi was born to a Gujarat family.


4. With the merger of all the five associates 1/ SBI is expected to become a lender of global proportions 2/ with an asset base of Rs 37 trillion (Rs 37 lakh crore) or over USD 555 billion 3/  22,500 branches and 58,000 ATMs. It  is have over 50 crore customers 4/ No error (5)
              Ans: (4)                     will – right                 is – wrong

5. Now it’s even easy 1/ to discover new ideas 2/ from the people 3/ and boards you follow 4 / No error (5)

             Ans: (1)          easier –  right                                 easy – wrong 

           (Note:  You need to use a comparative degree here) 

6.Globalization is the trend of increasing interaction between people or companies 1 / on a worldwide scale due to advances in transportation and communication technology 2/ nominally  begin with the steamship 3/ and the telegraph in the early to mid-1800s  4/ No error (5)

        Ans: (3)   beginning – (right)      begin – wrong

       (In simple Grammar terms take (Verb1+ ing) as an “activity”

       E.g., (1) Playing Cricket is my hobby (Here – Playing is not present continuous)

       (2): Teaching is my passion

7. Virat allegedly played a key role in ousting Anil Kumble 1/ as India coach, and nearly an year on it seems he’s still 2/ determined to show that the judgment of the man 3/ replaced by Ravi Shastri is fatally flawed 4/ No error (5)

           Ans:  (2)      a – right             an – wrong

          Note: Please take a look at Articles mentioned above.

8. Demonetization occurs whenever there is a change 1/ of national currency: The current form or forms of money are 2/ pulled from circulation and retired 3/ often to be replaced with new notes or coins 4/ No error (5)

            Ans: (2)               is – (right)                      are – (wrong)

            The emphasis here is on – ‘Current form/forms’ which is singular.’

9. U.S. President Donald Trump, his White House staff and the Republican National Committee escalated its 1/ attacks on Monday against the former director 2/ of the Federal Bureau of Investigation 3/  who called Trump a “morally unfit” leader in an interview 4/ No error (5)

               Ans: their – Correct               its – wrong

                Subject here is in multiple: don’t concentrate on ‘Committee’

                Subject: His White House staff and the Republican National Committee escalated their….


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