Essay-24 : Should animals be used to invent vaccines?

In exams, sometimes essay writing topic is asked in question format like an opinion based. The topic may be asked in this way: ‘Write your views on the following topic. Support your views with examples: Question- Should animals be used to invent vaccines? If you disagree state your opinions.’ So, please go through the following…

Essay-24 : Should animals be used to invent vaccines?

Should animals be used to invent vaccines?

Vaccines can be invented – either by taking the life of an ‘Animal’ or a ‘Human’ – to save millions of people to save our ‘posterity’. Synthetic drugs or any other source cannot show the progression. If animals used in finding vaccines ‘Animal Protection Agencies’, “make a hue and cry”. Humans do not come forward for the fear of death. It is a big dilemma.

The history states both animals and humans must be ready to sacrifice their lives.

It was 1901- “Malaria” drastically hit the humans. Medical researchers tried to find the vaccine trying on many animals. But there was no Panacea. The number of deaths of Malaria was uncountable. India then was still under British regime. Sir Ronald Ross KCB KCMG FRS FRCS (May 1857 – 16 September 1932) was a British medical doctor. Dr. Ross was sent to India to treat British soldiers who got injured in figment wars. While treating the injured soldiers, he also tried to find the vaccine for Malaria. Ronald Ross made up his mind to find the vaccine for Malaria.

He hired a helper and his assistant and Dr. Ross used sit hours with minimum clothing and they used to sit near tank-bund in Hyderabad and offered themselves to let those myriads of mosquitoes bite them. Days passed, weeks passed. Months passed – they were eagerly looking for a malarial mosquito bite them. When a malarial mosquito bite them from the bit they can develop the vaccines.

The day came. A malarial mosquito bit the assistant. Dr. Ronald Ross with his diligent work created a vaccine. With grief-stricken – Dr.Ross with his studious work saved ‘Billions of People in the world over. That’s how – people also sacrificed to invent vaccines. Not just animals.


Our Ancestors sacrificed their welfare for us and saved many of us.

Ronald Ross hospital has become the first hospital located in Nallakunta, Hydearabad – which treated hundreds and thousands of patients.

With Dr. Ronald Ross dedicated work ‘Malaria’ has almost eradicated on the earth now. The best point that is note-worthy is “Sir Ronald Ross” was the first recipient of “FIRST–Nobel Prize” winner in “Medical Field” – “1901”

So, the conclusion is to find vaccines – animals sacrifice their lives and also humans must be ready to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of our next generation.


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