The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

Sri.T.N.Seshan and his wife Mrs. Jayalakshmi are living in an old-age home in Chennai for they don’t have any children. We get goose-bumps to see him – how he is still helping the people around him.

The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

The Ex-Chief Election Commissioner – T.N.Seshan

Who is T.N.Seshan…?

People with enough receptivity, who lived during 1990s never, would forget the name of T.N.Seshan, the name synonymous to transparency, efficiency and honesty. The 10th Election commissioner T.N.Seshan (known as Sen-Sation) who provided his esteemed services to the nation from 12th December 1990 – 11th December 1996 brought many revolutionary reforms in the Election Commission of India by largely ending its malpractices in the country and redefined the status of “India’s Electoral policies.”

Seshan’s life is an extraordinary example to the aspirants of Civil Services in India. During his 20s, he dreamt on his dreams to join the civil services. Seshan got his highest degree of inspiration from his brother T. N. Lakshminarayanan, an IAS officer, who stood among the toppers from the very first batch of Indian Administrative Service. Seshan wanted to walk in the footsteps of his brother in 1953. But he was under-aged to take the exam for IAS as the minimum age to appear for IAS exam at that time was 20. A young lad of 20 years, held his perseverance strongly and just to check his mettle appeared for the Indian Police Service (IPS), for which the cut of age happened to be 20 years. He stood first in India in the 1954 batch. Endowed with relentlessness and strong will-power by birth, he appeared for IAS the very next year i.e., in 1955 and succeeded. Having been stood among the ten top rankers in India, he joined the Indian Administrative Services. Since then, he never looked back. Many jewels were adorned in his cap. He served the nation as the highest dignitary with honesty and integrity. He made his own indelible mark, wherever he worked. However his services those that he provided as the ‘10th Chief Election commissioner’ should be remembered by every Indian citizen. The seeds he sowed turned to plants-further grew to trees and started providing the fruits to all of us today. He had shown his own stamp of authority on the country’s electoral system by conducting the cleanest elections in living memory. “Nobody dared to violate the law” during his tenure as far as our reminiscences go. He is the best remembered as the man who cleaned up electoral system in India. He is one of the most respected bureaucrats in the annals of Indian history. He is labeled as an able leader, quick-witted in public and private life and compassionate husband.

After joining IAS, he went to Harvard University and attained his Master’s degree in Public Administration. He received innumerable rewards and awards. Just to name the top award in this list is-“Ramon Magsaysay award” in the year 1996.

Tirunellai Narayana Iyer Seshan was born on 15 December 1932 in a Brahmin family in Thirunellai, Palakkad district, Kerala. He has been a staunch devotee of Puttaparthi Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On many occasions, Seshan held up a ring Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave him and said,“Sri Sathya Sai Baba gave this ring to me out of nowhere, which is set with nine gems; there is a ruby in it, a pearl in it, sapphire in it, there is an emerald in it, there is a diamond in it . . . he realized this for me out of nowhere.” Seshan later explained, “I am not a jumbly- dumbly person. I’ve got a master’s degree in physics; I have a master’s degree in Administration, Economics from Harvard. I find nothing contradictory between the physics and the fact. I strongly believe this ring came out of nowhere.” Having been bestowed with the blessings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he joined an old age home at the age of 84, and taking care of the needs of other senior citizens; he pays medical bills for many, provides relief to the elderly people who got caught in the clutches of influential or bureaucrats.

Indian Lens is happy to see such a great legend – on T.Vs, in newspapers and magazines all of a sudden for the past three days who is still very active mentally and physically providing his bit of service to the society.

Wonderful Person, isn’t he?


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