Formal Letter Example for SSC CGL Tier III – Exercise – 1

Hi, candidates – you must understand it is not uncommon the test takers were asked to write on any social issues like women empowerment, some technical aspects, government policies, financial aspects like demonetization etc., Candidates must read the rules and regulations set and abide by those rules. If you go out of the board, it can be damaging. Following instructions stated is a part of ‘soft skill’. Take a look at the example to have an idea on how to write Formal Letter in government exams.


Formal Letter Example – Letter to Editor The ‘Hindu’ – Exercise – 1

Formal Letter Example:

1): Write a letter to the editor, The Hindu regarding ‘Women Empowerment in India’. Express your opinions and suggestions to help better the conditions of women in India.






Dear Sir,

The need for women empowerment in India arose due to centuries of male chauvinism and violence were done by men over women more in India than any other country in the world; women have been the suppressed lot. India is a very odd country in terms of varied customs, traditions, and practices. Ironically, these customs and traditions, good as well as bad, have become a part of our society’s collective perceptions. We pray female goddesses; also give great importance to our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and other female relatives or friends. But at the same time, many Indians are also infamous in treating their women badly both inside and outside their homes.

It is very unfortunate to find many Indian women are confined to four walls of her kitchen. Also, many uncivilized practices such as Sati, practice of dowry, parda system, female infanticide, wife burning, sexual violence, sexual harassment at workplace, domestic violence and other varied kinds of discriminatory practices; all such acts are still persisting. Media is not able to identify many such brutal incidences; even if media takes an active role in such incidences, in many parts of rural areas in India many homogeneous groups are turning violent against many journalists. One has to agree there has been a significant change and such inhuman acts have been contained to some extent. Indian judiciary system is taking stringent actions against male chauvinists. But Indian legal system is taking its own course of time. Then women in India are not getting proper justice right at the right time.

Women should come together and form their ’NGO’s to restrict this problem. Social media should actively participate to spread this sort of violence. Indian government should come up with a special cell and bring justice to victimized women instead of taking years to punish criminals. Justice delayed is justice denied.


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